Top Cities to Visit in China

Map of Top 10 Cities to Visit in China, a tour guide for you to know top cities to visit in China and their location in China.

Map of Top Cities to Visit in China

‘What are the top cities to visit China?’ ‘Who can tell me the best cities to visit in China? Who knows where to go in China?’ These three questions are always the top ones for tourists coming to China. In fact, where to go in China is a big problem for people first to this country especially for people who want to experience the city life of China.


According to the research and investigation, there are 11 cities chosen by foreign tourists as the top cities to visit in China. They are recommended by people as the best cities to visit in China. If you are looking for the answer of where to go in China, you must continue reading this article, it is good reference for you to know the best places to visit in China.

Top Cities to Visit in China No.1--Beijing

Beijing City: Capital City of People’s Republic of China

It is a city with a long history and an ancient capital in China. Here you can find the strong contract between heritage and modern technology in this city. Beijing is also recommended by lots of international Medias as one of the best cities to go in China such as BBC, CNN, New Times, Lonely Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geography. If you want to know where to go in China, Beijing is the one which will take you ultimate experience during your China travel.

Reasons for Awarding:

A China city with rich Chinese historic and cultural heritages and relics such as the UNESCO Heritage Site: the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Ming Tombs.

GreatWall in Beijing, the No.1 Top Cities to Visit in China

World Wonder Great Wall in Beijing City

A host of 2008 Olympic Games and a base of modern architecture. Here you can find lots of leading architectures such as the National Stadium, New Site of CCTV (CCTV Tower), National Grand Theatre and Olympic Park.

A base of art. Beijing now becomes a destination for world artists. The famous art street 798 art zone in Beijing has attracted lots of world famous avant-garde artists to open the studios here. Besides, the Gong Lane is also a place for people who like to know the past of China.

One of the top travel destinations in the world. Beijing city is now list by lots of public Medias and professional magazines and companies as one of the must-go places in the world. It is also selected as one of the best places to visit in China by local Medias.

Chosen by most domestic and oversea people as the city you must visit during your lifetime. People who have been to Beijing have a great comment on this China city and lots of them choose this city as their second home.

A window to learn China. Once being the capital of various dynasties in China, Beijing was the center of Chinese politics, economy and culture. Even now, it is still the same. If you want to learn the Chinese history and culture, Beijing is your best teacher who will tell you how China is now and before.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 2--Shanghai


Shanghai: The New York in the East, the Pearl of Oriental.

It is one of the important finance and commerce centers in the world and a New York City in the East. Shanghai is a city combing the culture of East and West. Here you can always find the mixture of East and West Culture. Sometimes, you may have forgotten it is in China. Shanghai has the magic power to let you lost in its life. When dawn falls, this city like Paris at night, romantic stories often happen at the night of Shanghai.

Reasons for Awarding:

It is a city showing you the new face of China. Here you cannot find lots of old architectures. The skyscrapers are scattered everywhere in Shanghai. The world ranked tall buildings are easy to see in this metropolis. Old fashion is out of this city, high fashion is the main theme. Leading arts and cultures accompany the life of local people. Visiting Shanghai, you will know how life of Chinese people is and it is a chance for you to update your impression of China and Chinese people.

Bird-view of Shanghai Pudong Disctrict at Night, which is the most prosperous district in this top city in China and a must-visit place for Shanghai tour.

Bird-view of Shanghai Pudong District at Night

It is one of the finance and commerce centers of world. At present, Shanghai is one of the center of the world economy. Lots of Fortune 500 companies have set up branches, R&D centers even the headquarters in this city. If you are a business people or who like economy, you must visit Shanghai where you can know the situation of Chinese economy and the trend of Chinese economy.

It is one of the best places to visit in China selected by tourists around the world. When tourists do the investigation of where to go in China, Shanghai is always the top 1. The famous scenic spots the Bund, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Yuyuan Garden, and Pudong Special Economic Zone are the top recommended ones according to the investigation.

Nightlife in Shanghai is like in Paris. From the early 20 century, the nightlife in Shanghai was charming and romantic. People who have been to Shanghai even said the nightlife in Shanghai was the start of miracle. Nightlife in Shanghai is passion and colorful. Various clubs and bars on Hengshan Road will enlighten you and activate you. If you have taken a Huangpu River cruise, the beautiful night-view along the both banks will make you obsessed with.

The Shanghai Culture is unique in China. It is said the culture in Shanghai is unique in China and only in Shanghai, you can learn this kind of culture. It is a culture combing the essence of eastern and western culture and being added the essence of local traditional culture. The language, art and lifestyle of Shanghai is unique in the whole China.

The host of 2010 World Expo and recommended by international Medias as one of the best places to visit in China and one of the must-visit cities during your life.




Top Cities to Visit in China No.3 -- Xian


Xian: One of the ancient capitals in China and a city has witnessed the history of China

Xian is one of the most ancient capitals in China and a city with a history of more than thousands of years. It is a city to find the culture of Qing Dynasty and Tang Dynasty. Here you can see the UNESCO World Heritage and World Wonder—Qin Terracotta Army and Tang Paradise. Besides, one of the famous Five Mountains in China Huashan Mountain is in Xian. The local cuisine and snacks are also famous in China. Once a time, it was popular to learn the local language of Xian in the whole China.

Statue in the Xian Terracotta Army Museum? which is the must-see thing when you visit the top China city Xian.

Statue in the Xian Terracotta Army Museum

Reasons for Awarding:

A city with various historic and cultural heritages. Xian is like a museum keeping lots of heritages left in Tang and Song Dynasty. The UNESCO World Heritage and World Wonder—Qin Terracotta Army, the Ancient Wall, the Big Goose Tower and Drum Tower are all in this city and are the treasures of China.

A city to know the history and culture of Tang Dynasty. Once Xian was the capital of Tang Dynasty. Lots of heritages in Xian are left during the Tang Dynasty. As it is known in the world history, in Tang Dynasty, China is the biggest and most powerful county in the world. Being the capital of Tang Dynasty, Xian has kept the culture and heritages of Tang Dynasty such as the famous architecture Tang Paradise and the famous show Tang Banquet and Dance.

One of the best places to explore Chinese cuisine. The cuisine of Xian is famous in the whole China, the famous food such as Beef or Mutton Paomo (Pancake slices with beef or mutton soup), Cold Noodle, Dumpling Banquet and Dumpling in Sour Soup are popular in China even in the world. People who have been to this city cannot forget the cuisine here and always miss them.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 4 -- Guilin


Guilin: The Most Beautiful Place under Heaven

Guilin, a city in the south of China and with a Karst landform, is a city with amazing landscape and unique county scenery. Being the top destination for landscape tour in China, its scenery has been the landmark of this small city. The Li River goes across the city like a silk ribbon decorating this beautiful city. The mountains can be seen everywhere in this city and it said the scene is in the city, the city is in the scene. Besides the urban area, the Yangshuo County is also the card of this city. The famous West Street has been the Foreign Tower and the famous show directed by Zhang Yimou “Impression of Sanjiu Liu” is performed in Yangshuo. The unique county scenery of Yangshuo makes it an ideal resort in China.

Beautiful morning scenery of Li River in the top city to visit in China--Guilin.

Morning Scenery of Guilin Li River

Reasons for Awarding:

Guilin now is the international tourism city in China. With the amazing landscape, unique county scenery and position in the tourism in China, the national government has decided to set Guilin as the international tourism city in China. Now the infrastructures of Guilin tourism are completed and supporting facilities too. All these make sure tourists in Guilin have amazing China travel.

It is one of best places to visit in China recommended by local Medias and some international Medias such as Lonely Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geography. The Karst landform, the beautiful county scenery and the unique the scene is in the city, the city is in the scene style make lots of local and international Medias promote Guilin as the best choice of where to go in China.

It is one of foreign tourists’ most favorite destinations in China. If you have chance to visit Guilin and meet some people from the oversea, they will tell you this city is a great city and you have made a right choice for your China travel. In Yangshuo County, you will even see lots of foreign residents. They choose to live here and lead them lifetime here. Every year, millions of foreign people visiting Guilin and lots of them even choose to lead their rest of life here.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 5--Lijiang


Lijiang: A Dream Place in South China

Lijiang Ancient Town at Night, a UNESCO World Heritage in Top China City--Lijiang

Lijiang Ancient Town at Night

Lijiang is a small city in Yunnan province and a city living lots of Chinese minorities. It is a famous China travel destination and one of the most beautiful cities in China. Here the fresh air and clear sky will adore you and the exotic customs will attract you. In this city, you can see the beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and enjoy the romantic story on the Lugu Lake. Talking about Lijiang, most people will tell you the Lijiang ancient town. It is the old town of Lijiang city. In the ancient time, the Lijiang city was governed by Mu family and it was the center of Yunnan province. Llijiang ancient town now is the UNESCO Heritage site and walking in the streets, you will see the architectures with local minority features and the local handicrafts. The special design of the ancient town is also a feature for this place.

Reasons for Awarding:

The excellent environment and exotic features of Lijiang. The fresh air, clear sky and comfortable temperature make this city an ideal place for vacation and an ideal destination for people working in the urban area and people need a quiet place. Besides, its exotic features are good for people who are interesting in the minorities in China.

The beautiful sceneries in Lijiang such as Lijiang ancient town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake and the Mufu. If you have been to Lijiang, the sceneries in this city will impress you.

The UNESCO Heritage Site—Lijiang Ancient Town. It has been recommended by lots of Medias as the must-visit destination in the China tour.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 6 -- Chongqing


Chongqing: The London City in China and a place to see the wonderful scenery—Three Gorges

Panoramic view of Chongqing City, a top city to visit in China and a food love heaven.

Panoramic view of Chongqing City

Chongqing, a city built on the mountain, is one of the municipalities directly under the central government. It gets the name of Silicon Village in China and is the ideal place for investment. Chongqing is also a top travel destination in China. It is the heaven for food lover. In Chongqing, various snacks and the Sichuan cuisine will satisfy food lover. The hot pot in Chongqing is the must-have food when you travel to this city. If you do not love the delicious Chongqing food, the fabulous scenery of Three Gorges will be your choice.

Reasons for Awarding:

The fantastic scenery—Three Gorges is the first reason why Chongqing is recommended by us. The three gorges include the Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge. During your traveling on the Yangtze River, the amazing scenery of Three Gorges will impress you. Along the both banks, there are lots of relics and culture heritages.

The Delicious Chongqing Hotpot is the second reason why we recommend Chongqing. The Chongqing hotpot is famous among Chinese people even among the people from all around the world. It is fragrant, hot and tasty.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 7 --Chengdu


Chengdu – A city once you come, you will never want to leave

Two lovely Pandas plays in the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center of Chengdu city, a top China city chosen by tourists.

Lovely Giant Panda in the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center

Chengdu is a city in the Sichuan province and one of the most famous cities in China. Talking about Chengdu, the first thing should be mentioned is the Giant Panda. The biggest Giant Panda Research Center is in Chengdu city. Besides, the Mt, Qingcheng, Mt. Emei and other Chinese famous natural and cultural heritages are in Chengdu city. Coming to Chengdu, you will have a chance to experience the slow life. In Chengdu, people often enjoy their life and release themselves from the busy urban life. The best word to describing the life in Chengdu is teahouse life.

Reasons for Awarding:

The life fossil—Giant Panda is living in this great city. Being the most famous animal in the world. The lovely Giant Panda cannot be missed during China travel. Chengdu is the top place in China to see the lovely Panda. In the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center, you can get closer to the baby Panda and learn the lifestyle and living environment of this rare animal.

An ideal place for food lover. The food in Chengdu is definitely delicious and tasteful. Here you will find lots of special snacks and dishes. The most famous cuisine- Sichuan cuisine can be found here and it is the classical one in China. If you are a food lover, Chengdu is a China city you must visit.

Traveling in Chengdu will be a trip to release you from the tired urban life. In this city, people pay more attention to the health. They often slow their pace of life and spend more time on keeping health.

The famous Sichuan opera is originated in Chengdu.



Top Cities to Visit in China No. 8 -- Guangzhou


Guangzhou – The Business Center in South China

Night-view of Guangzhou Tower, a famous architecture in Guangzhou which is one of the top cities to visit in China.

Night-view of Guangzhou Tower

Guangzhou, or called Canton, is one of the most famous cities in China even in the world. Being the city opened to the world earliest in China, Guangzhou is one of the modernist cities in China. At present, it is an important business center in China. Annually, the China Import and Export Exhibition (Canton Fair) is held in Guangzhou and Guangzhou is also the most important city for the textile export and OEM. Besides, the business, Guangzhou is also a city named Flower city. Each year, there will be a flower exhibition and people from all over the world coming to Guangzhou to join this event. Talking about Guangzhou, the Canton food should not be ignored. It is delicate in style, delicious in taste and splendid in color. Everyone who has taste the Canton food will say it is one of the most tasteful foods in the world.

Reasons for Awarding:

One of the metropolises in China and a famous travel destination in the world. Guangzhou is renowned in the world and most people like choose Guangzhou as one of the travel destinations in China. In this city, you can experience both ancient and modern China. People who have been to this city want to visit it again. The lifestyle and the culture attract people coming to this city.

A top place in China to learn Cantonese. If you are a fan of Cantonese, coming to Guangzhou to learn it is the best choice. At present, the language spoken by local people is the most original Cantonese. 

Recommended by most Medias in the world for the top city to visit in China. Lots of travel magazines recommend Guangzhou as a must-visit city in China.

The Cantonese food is one of the most delicious food in the world and the top cuisine in China. In China, there are eight cuisines famous among Chinese people, but the top position belongs to Guangzhou cuisine. The style, fragrant, the skill and the color of Guangzhou cuisine is the best ones among them.



Top Cities to Visit in China – No. 9 Lhasa


Lhasa –The most mysterious place in China

Lhasa, a holy land for Tibetans and the center of Tibet Autonomous Region, is a top city to visit in China. People who have been to Lhasa or plans to Lhasa may describe this city as a mysterious place. On the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau with the elevation of more than 5000 kilometers, Lhasa is the place closest to the sky. In Lhasa, you will see it is surrounded by lot of Snow Mountains and the highest one is the Himalaya which is the highest one in the worlds. In Lhasa, you will have a chance to learn the real life of Tibetans which is different from the one described by some negative Medias. Besides, coming to Lhasa, you can learn the Tibetan culture and the Tibetan Buddhism. Also, the famous handicraft Thangka is a must-see thing during your tour in Lhasa.

Morning Scenery of marvelous Potala Palace of Lhasa, a top city to visit in China Tibet

Morning scenery of Lhasa Potala Palace

Reasons for Awarding:


It is a holly land in China and a dreamlike place for tourists to explore. From the ancient time to now, Lhasa is a place with lots of myths and be mysterious for people. There are lots of tales about this place and surrounded by lots of mountain, Lhasa like the center of this mountains. If you have a chance to visit Lhasa, you will be attracted by the amazing sceneries and the countless tales.

The Himalaya Mountain is near Lhasa, if you want to conquer the roof of the world, Lhasa is a must-be place. 

Lhasa is the center of Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Here you will find the most original ancient books about Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhism.

A good place to open your eyes to the new Lhasa. If you have prejudice on the new Tiber, you should visit this place to see the fact and the truth.

It is recommended by lots of international Medias such as National Geography, Discovery Chanel, Traveler and Trip Advisor as the must-go place during the lifetime.



Top Cities to Visit in China No.10 -- Zhangjiajie


Zhangjiajie – Where the true Hallelujah Mountain is

Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie City, one of the top cities to visit in China

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area

Whether you have watched the amazing movie directed by James Cameron – Avatar? Whether you have been shocked by the marvelous sceneries of Hallelujah Mountain? Whether you want to look for the true mountain in the movie? If one of your answers is yes, it means you must visit Zhangjiajie. Being a city in Hunan province, Zhangjiajie now is the hot travel destination in China. Here you will find the creation of the nature. The stylish mountains and hills together with the trees and cloud make the Zhangjiajie a Chinese fairy land. At present, Zhangjiejie scenery area has been the UNESCO Nature Heritage Site due to its special geography features and the environment.

Reasons for Awarding:

It is an UNESCO Nature Heritage Site and a place recommended by lots of international Medias at present. With the running of movie of AVATAR, the magnificent scenery of Hallelujah Mountain has attracted the audiences. The material of the mountain in the movie is just from Zhangjiajie scenery area, so amount of international Medias come to Zhangjiajie and find it an ideal place for vacation. In the early time, the UNESCO has list Zhangjiajie Scenery Area as the UNESCO Nature Heritage Site.

The environment and the special geographic and geomorphic conditions make this place an ideal one for sightseeing. Here you can visit the Wulingyuan Scenic Area where the real Hallelujah Mountain is and see the Yellow Dragon Cavern and Baofeng Lake.

Top choices of lots of people from all around the world. According to the investigation of recent tourists favorite travel destination in China, Zhangjiajie has been selected as the top 5 cities to visit in China.


Top Cities to Visit in China No.11 -- Hong Kong


Hong Kong – The Heaven of Shopping

The beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, one of top cities to visit in China

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong, the international metropolis, is a sleepless city. It is the holly land of shopaholic, the center of fashion in China, and the investment destination of many international giant companies. Being a special administrative region, Hong Kong has its own system and political policy. Besides the economy, the entertainment industry in Hong Kong is prosperous. The night clubs, bars and pubs and the horse racing are the parts of people in Hong Kong. If you are food lover, the Hong Kong cuisine will delight you. Combining various cuisines in China, Hong Kong cuisine is a special one in Chinese cuisine. The seafood in Hong Kong is also great. It is said Hong Kong is the holly land of business people, shopaholic, night-owls and food lover.

Reasons for Awarding:

It is the heaven of shopping. It is known to all the people that Hong Kong is the heaven of duty free. Things in Hong Kong are cheaper than most countries. Besides, you can find nearly all the international brands such as LV, Hermes and Cartier. If you like the street fashion, you can also find them. Traveling in Hong Kong is a kind of experience falling into a shopping heaven.

The scenery of Hong Kong is beautiful especial at night. Many people may do not pay much attention to the scenery in Hong Kong. Here you can find the Victoria Peak, the Ocean Park and the Disneyland. All these are excellent places for you to relax yourself from the urban life.



All the cities recommended above are selected by people who have been to China or live in China. The list of top cities to visit in China is the best reference for your China tour. If you want to know the best cities to visit in China, the best place is to visit in China or look for where to go in China, the top cities to visit in China will guide you.


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